January - June 2022 programme of walks and events

Confirmation of walk

It is always advisable to check with the leader 24 hours before as

the walk may be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. The

weather may be a particular problem in January and February.


Passengers are asked to make a contribution to drivers.

The current recommended amounts are:

  •     Journeys up to 50 miles round trip £4.

  •     Journeys between 50-100 miles round trip £6.

  •     Journeys over 100 miles round trip £9.

Please see our Events page for details of holidays and day trips which are offered to members only.

Please read our Guidelines for Walkers

Prospective new members

If you would like details of any of the walks please contact the leader or walk secretary:
Pat Newill - 01902 762332       John Mason - 07710 294968

Short walks are usually half day duration and about 5-6 miles long with a drink break mid morning.

Longer walks are full day of about 8-10 miles long with a break mid morning and at lunch time.

January - June 2022